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    Hubei Muzhijun Engineering Material Co., Ltd.
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    Add: Gongqinggang Road, Wuhangang Industrial Park, E’zhou Economic Development Zone, Hubei Province, China Contact:
    Manager Li: +86-18971993755 
    Manager Feng: +86-13329975177
    Manager Du: +86-18671119336
    Fax: +86-711-3611588
    URL: www.zbqishang.com  
    About us
        Hubei Muzhijun Engineering Material Co., Ltd. was founded in July, 2012 with register capital of RMB 5 million Yuan. It is located in Wuhangang Industrial Park of E’zhou Economic Development Zone, covering an area of 40 mu. It is mainly engaged in research and manufacturing of high-speed railway used new material, including, special engineering material, concrete additive, railway plate compound admixture, pipeline mudjack, bridge bridge bearing mortar, maintenance mortair, cable trough covering plate, mortar dry powder and so on. In addition, our company also undertakes rairoad engineering repatching engineering, high-speed railway track board maintenance, etc.
        Insisting on operation tenet of “quality is life and integrity is soul”, our company is highly praised by wide customers, China Academy of Railway Sciences and other technology department, relying on superior quality and sincere service. Currently, we have got exclusive sale and manufacturing right of several new material and new technology of China Academy of Railway Sciences. Our independently development materials, such as, self compacting concrete modified material, resin joint material, inner and outer curing agent, have been widely used in Jing-hu railway line, Lan-xin railway line, Haqi passenger transport line, He-Fu passenger transport line, Zheng-Xu  passenger transport line, Cheng-Mian-Le passenger transport line, He-Beng passenger transport line, Beijing-Shanghai Railway and etc.